WHAT? Cleansing or detoxing is the process of purifying your body by removing toxins out of it. Juice cleansing is the process of removing toxic substances from your body by nourishing the body with pure liquid live organic juices and allowing mental and physical relief from preparation and digestion of food. With less energy dispensed for digestion, your body will have more energy for other activities, allowing you to feel more energized during and after your cleansing days.


WHY? No matter how healthy we try to be, it’s hard to avoid coffee, processed food and polluted air. The hectic urban lifestyle results in toxic accumulation in the body. Juice cleansing is the perfect way to pump out the toxins and replenish the body with all the natural and effective nutrients. Juice cleansing provides your body with a fresh start to reboot your metabolism. You are what you eat - you will feel and look your best when your body is consuming all the necessary nutrients.


WHEN? Post Lebaran or any other holidays is a great timing to start your juice cleansing after all the overindulgence you have with your friends and families. Hangovers after partying over the weekend is another sign you body needs to reboot. Juice cleansing is perfect before wedding or other special events where you want to look and feel your best. For new mothers who are ready to spring back to your pre-baby bodies, post breast feeding is the right timing to start your juice cleanse. It is never too late to take that fresh start you body needs. Start yours now!