The Urban Remedy Indonesia is the first and the pioneer cold-pressed juice- cleansing program in Indonesia. Our products are created by nutritionists to be effective and nutritionally balanced.


Our cold-pressed juice cleanse program is designed with our customers' lifestyles in mind. We strive to improve and transform lives by championing green & healthy living in Indonesia, all the while holding the highest regard for convenience. And voila! Urban Remedy Indonesia is born! 


Our special juicers extract maximum nutrients from the most fresh and high quality ingredients and produce. Urban Remedy Indonesia cleanses are especially designed to be easily and conveniently applied to the hectic urban lifestyle. Our team will guide you through your cleansing days, from the moment you sign up, and every step of the way. We will send you tips everyday to your email to help you stay focused and on track towards a healthier lifestyle.


Approved by nutritionists, our standard program is designed to give you all the nutrients and essentials that your body needs. We believe in healthy purification, without starving your body out of essential nutrients.  

Our cleanses consist of 6 bottles of 500ML juices per day. Ideally taken every 2 hours, these babies will keep you full and energized throughout your waking day. Our line-up are made using the freshest ingredients (organic whenever possible).

We cold-press them the day of delivery (one day before your scheduled start date). Cold pressing is a healthier alternative to regular juicing or blender. Our juicers do not generate heat which destroys essential vitamins and nutrients from the juice. Hence, your juice will not only taste awesome, it will also be PACKED with nutrients and vitamins! Also, you'll be more energized because less energy for digestion leaves much more energy for your daily activities.


* Due to the unpredictable nature of organic production in Indonesia, we try our best to source all our produce and ingredients from local organic farmers, whenever possible.