IDR 250.000

The juices in this package:

  • Skin Vitamin
  • Morning Call  
  • We Mint It   
  • Banaco x 2 (Mini)       
  • Beet Shot x 2


Note: The shots can be consumed directly, mixed with a glass of water, or mixed into any of the juices. Shots are best consumed in the morning. Juices in the afternoon / evening.


A healthy sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life. In our pursuit of living balanced lives too often sex is not factored into the equation. We have a tendency to focus on careers, business, finances, and the daily lists. With so much going on every day it is easy to put our love lives on the back burner, neglecting our partners and even our own needs.


According to research, the best ingredients to increase sex drive and or sperm counts for fertility are the ones that can increase our libido. We have curated this package for women and men who are trying to conceive or plainly want to improve their sex live through natural ingredients. This package will help to boost blood flow, increase testosterone, reduce inflammation, and will increase your hormonal desire for sexual activities.


A great package for couples who are looking to improve their relationship in the most natural and healthy way! 

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