IDR 220.000

The juices in this package:

  • Chocolate Almond Milk    
  • Fruit Punch                        
  • Beet It            
  • Coco Charcoal x 2 (Mini)
  • Lemon Shot x 2


Note: The shots can be consumed directly, mixed with a glass of water, or mixed into any of the juices (except for almond milk). Shots are best consumed in the morning. Juices in the afternoon / evening.  For hangover we recommend to start with the coconuts and end your night with the chocolate almond milk.


You have a headache, you have a stomachache, and your get-up-and-go is gone - you have a hangover. Some theories say that alcohol disrupts biological rhythms; others that alcohol withdrawal is the culprit. Research suggest that impurities produced when alcohol is distilled can make you feel nauseous.


The best way to cure your hangover is to give water for your body, because alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration. Researcher says that you must drink a glass of water for every beer you order to replace lost fluids as you go. But, water isn’t enough, you need to drink electrolyte-rich fluids that can restore the salt and potassium you’ve lost.


Our Coco Charcoal will provide you with the necessary electrolytes to stay hydrated and its activated charcoal helps to cleansing the toxins in your body away. Beet is the most important fruit for hangover as it helps to increase our blood flow as well as cleansing our liver naturally! Watermelon delivers two key components – water and nutrients – both of which your body needs after you’ve had one too many drinks. Lastly our chocolate almond gives you the necessary sugar for your body to replenish.


This package is your perfect post weekend package. Or know anyone who is always hangover? They will love you when you send them this care package. 

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